Chesterfield couple still dealing with hail damage from February

Chesterfield couple still dealing with hail damage from February

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - On Feb. 27, the skies opened and pelted parts of the region.

"It sounded like someone was shooting the back of the house," said Todd Tassell.

It almost looked like a snow storm where grass turned into a field of hail. Your photos poured into 12 On Your Side.

"It was really nasty. Between the car and the house, I probably had almost $30,000 in damage," said George Cousins.

Three months later, it happened again. A second hail storm hit the Arabella neighborhood of the highlands in Chesterfield.

"Oh, it was like rocks hitting the roof," Bev and Sid Cook have full coverage with Home Owners Insurance, also known as Owners Insurance.

"Right here and here and if you look up," said Bev.

The day after the storm, she couldn't believe the damage.

"There are some voids on the side of the dormer on the side of the house," said Bev.

Chunks of the siding are gone. Gutters speckled with dents, peppered down spouts, cracked siding, damaged fence caps, and that's just one side of the house. She called her insurance.

"They asked me if I had roof damage, and I told them my husband was in a wheel chair and I was preparing for hip surgery. I really didn't know about the damage to the roof," said Beverly.

Sid's a disabled vet with multiple sclerosis, and getting on the roof wasn't an option.

Owners Insurance sent out an inspector and found hail damage and cut a check for 7,000 in repairs, but that didn't match what a roofer told the Cooks.

"Your roof is badly damaged, and you need a total roof replacement," said Beverly.

Owners brought in a second expert who wrote, "you do not have any hail damage to your roof."

Then a third engineer said he found a "limited number of hailstone impacts."

They received three reports with three different opinions.

The Cooks called four different roofers.

"Every roofer agreed. That the roof needs to be replaced," said Beverly.

The damage estimates range from $30,000 to $32,000.

We were there when a roofer with RVA Restoration climbed up to show SKY12 all the damage.

"Clearly damage right here, punctured a hole in the caps all along the cap lines on the whole entire roof," said Travis with RVA Restoration.

Travis has replaced 50 roofs in this neighborhood.

"I've never seen insurance not cover a roof this damaged," Travis told us.

All four of the Cooks immediate neighbors had their entire roofs replaced because of the damage from the same hail storms.

"I called. Two days later, they came out and cut a check," said neighbor Randy Melton.

"Every single home except my neighbors," Nikki Smith.

Insurance adjusters for State Farm and USAA cut checks in days.

"It's about 19,000 in damage and they fixed it? As you can see right now, they are still fixing it," Todd Tassell.

They are not just replacing roofs, but siding and gutters even the windows of some homes.

"Something's going on here that I don't understand. insurance companies should cover the roof period," said George Cousins a neighbor.

The Cooks are still appealing the insurance company's decision while watching roof replacements across the neighborhood wrap up.

"I think they probably through we would accept what they offered," said Beverly. "They owe us a full replacement of our roof."

In a statement, John R Lindaur, the manager of Corporate Communications for Owners Insurance wrote:

We provide a Homeowners insurance policy for Sidney Cook.  In February 2017, a storm occurred which caused some hail damage to the policyholder's home. We inspected the home, and had others inspect the home, to assess the damage. The policyholder has been paid for the damages that have been determined at this time.  They have hired an attorney to represent their interests.  We continue to discuss the claim with the policyholder's attorney.

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