Henrico Uber driver upset over fare removals

Henrico Uber driver upset over fare removals

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico driver said he was upset over how the ride-sharing company treats its drivers. He has an issue with how Uber handles complaints from passengers.

Robert drives for Uber. It's a way he makes some extra cash for his family, for things like vacations.

"After I put my child to bed at night, I could go out and pick up people, help them get home safely from bars, help them get home safely from their jobs if they're you not privileged or lucky enough to have a vehicle," said Robert.

However, he says Uber is taking his fares unfairly based on false customer complaints and that the process to reclaim the money is burdensome.

"It is very burdensome and from my chats with some of my peers, other ride share drivers in the Richmond area, we believe that you know, we think that Uber hopes that you forget about these issues and just lets it slide," said Robert.

Here are some examples of conversations Robert shared with us. Essentially, drivers email Uber when they have a problem, and Uber can take the fare money back from drivers.

In one case, a rider claimed Robert drove the wrong person, and Robert says Uber took the money out of his account. Robert has a dashcam. He says on it, is proof he gave the ride to the right person.

"Uber has declined to see that footage that I've offered them," said Robert.

Here are the exchanges where he offers the footage.

The reply he received doesn't even acknowledge the footage, encouraging Robert with what happens to be a "canned" response.

In another case, Robert says he was underpaid for a ride, and spent days, weeks even, trying to get customer service to refund the money.

"I just want them to take our concerns seriously and not brush them off, rather than having to call support 10 times to receive money," said Robert.

"It happens repetitively with myself and many others," said Robert.

Robert says his time has value, too, and it's not fair to have to spend so much of it collecting money he already earned.

An Uber spokesperson said Wednesday afternoon that "last month, Uber committed to improve the driving experience as part of the company's 180 Days of Change. This process was months in the making, and it started with listening to drivers. Uber gained a deep understanding of what drivers want and where we were falling short including improved support."

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