Man saves fiancée from car as it plows into crowd

Man saves fiancée from car as it plows into crowd

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Marcus Martin was captured in mid-air being tossed over the vehicle as it plowed into the crowd in Charlottesville on Saturday.

What you did not see in the picture is how he pushed his fiancée out of the way, saving her life. He is a hero.

"He always told me he loves me more than anything in this world, and he would do anything for me," said fiancée Marissa Blair.

Martin proved his love beyond measure on Saturday when a white supremacist purposefully drove his car into a crowd in Charlottesville.

Blair was live streaming the counter-protest at the moment that Dodge Challenger came barreling down the street.

"In a split second. He had a split second to think, and he thought to push me out of the way. I am forever grateful. He is my hero. He and Heather are both my heroes," said Blair.

A close friend and co-worker traveled to the rally with Marissa and Marcus. Heather Heyer died after being run over on that street. She was standing in front of Marcus when the car struck.

Martin flipped over it. He was then run over as the driver back away from the crime scene. He suffered a broken leg. You can see his red shoe being dragged away as the driver tried to escape.

"I still can't believe that Heather's not with us. It's ... we're all numb to it. We barely slept. My fiance can't even get out of the bed. He's in so much pain, but it sounds terrible to say that we're thankful that we're alive when Heather is gone. I just wish Heather was here. I just ... I just wish Heather was here," said Blair.

Marissa found out Heather had passed away while at the hospital. She says they traveled 50 miles from Lovingston, Virginia to this rally to make sure people know that they can't stand by and let hate groups be the message coming out of Charlottesville.

"That's what she died doing. She died fighting for what she believed in, but Heather was a sweet, sweet soul, and she'll never be replaced. She'll never be forgotten," said Blair.

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