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Chesterfield implements mobile integrated healthcare program

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When you call 911, ambulances and fire trucks usually show up. But to cut down on the number of calls and free up resources and hospital beds, Chesterfield Fire & EMS actually deploys a special unit to respond to minor emergencies.

It is called the mobile integrated healthcare program, and it saves you a trip to the ER and saves you money.

"A typical ambulance call costs several thousand. We can only bill, in some cases, $500," said Chief Loy Senter, Chesterfield Fire & EMS.

That costs you as a patient and as a taxpayer. Chesterfield Fire & EMS takes an innovative approach with community paramedics who meet with people who often call 911 – to find out how to help fix their underlying problem. The majority of the calls flooding dispatch centers are often for lift assistance.

"It may be they need a ramp built at their home to get in and out of their house safely. They may need durable medical goods we can provide through a non-profit," said Cheif Senter.

With an aging population in Chesterfield, the mobile integrated healthcare unit can help provide resources for those who wish to stay in their homes longer.

Already, Chesterfield is seeing the program drastically reduce the number of calls, freeing up crews to respond to other emergencies and freeing up beds at hospitals.

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