12 On Your Side: Lights fixed at woman's apartment

12 On Your Side: Lights fixed at woman's apartment

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We shined a light on one woman's problem with a South Richmond apartment complex and now she has "lights."

Margaret Anderson says she's been afraid going in and out of her apartment at night because the light fixtures outside her door have never worked. All that has changed. Margaret can see what's going on around her as she opens the door to her home. Margaret says she's not scared anymore.

She called NBC 12 on Tuesday, very excited, and said the lights are working.  She thanked 12 On Your Side and property managers at Midlothian Village for following through on their promise.

When 12 On Your Side got involved, the Midlothian Village property manager said it was more complicated than simply changing a light bulb change but the light fixture would be fixed in a few weeks. Margaret came home to a surprise a couple days ago.

"I get out the car and look up and there was light, and I was like, 'Yeah. Yes, Thank you, Jesus,' " she said.

Before, she could hardly see anything and had to use the flash light feature on her phone to see how to put her key in the door to open it.

It's a stark difference in visibility between what was a few weeks ago and how well that same area outside her door is lit now when she comes home from school at night.

"Here I am putting my key in the door with no problem. I'm not scared anymore. I'm not as scared. I feel like I can see behind the stairs. I feel like I can see what's in the back of me. The light that they fixed covers all four of our doors. We can see when we come in the house. All the way to the third floor, they fixed all of them," said Margaret.

The property manager says Midlothian Village is installing new lighting throughout the complex in hallways and outside every building.

The complex says it was already planned, and it just took some time to get to Margaret's building, a welcome improvement for Margaret and her neighbors.

Margaret says she's happy she called 12 Investigators.

"You all came right out and made it happen. I feel real good. I feel safe, and also, I would really like to thank the management office for getting the lights fixed," said Margaret.

Margaret moved into Midlothian Village last October, and she says the light fixtures were broken then.  She complained about it constantly and now, she's just glad she can see.

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