RVA Parenting: Tips to make a road trip tantrum free with kids

RVA Parenting: Tips to make a road trip tantrum free with kids

By Aditi Wardhan Singh

"You are so brave!"

" Will the kids sit for so long?"

"It is going to be so hard with little kids."

These are just some of the comments of disbelief we heard when we announced our cross country trip by car with our 6 and 3 year old kids. The experience was an outstanding one.

We saw almost half of America's beautiful vistas. Traveling from Virginia to Colorado to Chicago and Back. The impromptu trip taught us to connect
as a family and just be.

As far as the kids were concerned, the two-week trip, 12-15 hour long drives were tantrum free and thankfully, uneventful. They enjoyed every moment
and I can see their growth. The first step of course is being completely prepared. Here's our checklist of everything you will need for your road trip and use our experience.

No Preparation for Distractions 
The magic of something new fades pretty quickly these days. This trip was the first time I did not buy any little toys before leaving to shine in front
of the eyes.

Instead, every second or third stop we got the kids candy/toys which served as both souvenirs and distractions. The car ride was spent exploring new
vistas with their new play things.

Make The Itinerary An Activity 
We kept the kids pretty much in suspense the whole trip. So when leaving we told them of all the sights we would see in  St. Louis. At St. Louis, we
told them all the fun things planned for them in Colorado.  In essence, the discussion of the destination becomes an activity in itself. This had a two pronged effect.

They got super excited and asked questions along the way. They got involved in the planning on the way.

Food/Potty Breaks at Scenic Routes 
You may be surprised how happy kids get seeing beautiful spots and exploring a lovely place even in the middle of no where. And they if they are kids
like mine who love posing, they get a kick out of memorable clicks!
Stay Screen Free For Longer Periods
The temptation to keep the kids pacified aside, ensure to stay screen free for long periods of time. Gadgets can be used when you need to catch a nap
or the kids truly get antsy.

More tips and the complete article can be found on Raising World Children
Aditi Wardhan Singh, founder of Raising World Children Magazine is a Richmond resident for eight years and contributor for RVA Parenting. She is mom to two adorable kids, 3 and 6 years old. RwC magazine provides parents with content to empower children to become positive, global thought leaders .She also writes for publications like Huffpost, Thrive Global, RichmondMomsBlog.