Man gets $600 refund from U-Haul after 12 On Your Side story

Man gets $600 refund from U-Haul after 12 On Your Side story

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - U-Haul has refunded a Richmond man hundreds of dollars it had taken from his account. The single father says he had hit a brick wall with the company - until he called 12.

"I was really at my wit's end, had nowhere else to turn and in fact you guys ended up being on my side," said William Gay.

He came to NBC12 a couple of weeks ago after he said U-Haul wrongly took more than $600 out of his bank account.

"I'm still a little perturbed with a company of that magnitude with something like this happening," Gay said.

The single father rented a trailer from the location on Jeff Davis Highway back in May. He says he returned it on time to that location, but then days later, the company took $603.46 out of his account, using the debit card on file, because it claimed the trailer had been returned to a U-Haul location in Marietta, Georgia.

Gay said he'd never even been to Marietta. He called 12 On Your Side when every effort to get his money back failed.

Days after our story aired, U-Haul contacted Gay, and the situation started to turn around.

"While the investigation was still ongoing, they were going to go ahead and reimburse me for the money, the $603.46, that was in essence taken from me as far as I was concerned," Gay said. "How many times has something like this happened, where somebody really didn't know where they could turn and never got anything done?"

A nagging question in the back of his mind, even after he has now received his refund. Still, he's grateful for how his situation ended.

"I know it's always been the statement, 12 On Your Side, and indeed they were on my side," Gay said.

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