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Be aware of car break-ins in Church Hill

Church Hill (Source: NBC12) Church Hill (Source: NBC12)

Neighbors in Church Hill want their community to be vigilant after several car break-ins.

Richard Waiton, who lives on Franklin Street, near Libby Hill Park, said his locked car has been broken into three times over the last 10 days.

“I've never in my adult life lived somewhere where I feel so insecure as I do in this city,” Waiton said. “You can be sure that after having it happen to me twice I didn’t forget to leave the car unlocked.”

The thieves did not steal anything, but they rummaged through Waiton’s car. The latest break-in happened on Monday morning.

“They pulled everything out of the glove compartment and everything out of the center console,” Waiton said.

Waiton isn't the only one being targeted. According to police, since July 1, 19 vehicles have been broken into in the Church Hill, Church Hill North, Union Hill, Upper Shockoe Valley, Fulton and Oakwood neighborhoods.

“Of those, 16 have been unlocked,” said Johnny B McRoy II, a sector lieutenant for the Richmond Police Department. “We've had one gun stolen. We’ve
had two laptops, monetary things taken ranging from coins up to $200, credit cards and medication.”

Luckily, nothing was stolen from Waiton, but others are also dealing with car break-ins. While we were in the neighborhood, people told us about a car break-in on 29th Street and a car theft last month.

To avoid becoming a target,  police remind you to always lock your car and don't leave valuables inside. Also, don't leave indicators that something of value may be in the car. If your car is locked and it's still broken into, think outside the box.

“It’s possible you may have actually locked your car but something inside your purse or pocket hits the button and unlocks your car.”
Lieutenant McRoy said.

Waiton said he is going to look into this but is unsure that this is what happened. He hopes police figure out what technology thieves are using to unlock locked cars to help people like him stay safe.

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