Sun to be covered about 85 percent in Richmond during eclipse

Sun to be covered about 85 percent in Richmond during eclipse

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A total eclipse of the sun across the United States is in just two weeks, but in Richmond, we're not going to get the super dark shadow.

What happens during a solar eclipse is that the moon moves in between the earth and the sun in casts a shadow, then moves on it's merry way.

"The moon has a two-part shadow the central part called the Umbra which is where you'll see the total solar eclipse," said said astronomer Ken Wilson. "Unfortunately, Richmond is in the outer shadow, call the penumbra, where we only get to see a partial eclipse.

Wilson says the sun will be about 85 percent covered in Richmond on Aug. 21.

"If you didn't know that was going to be an eclipse, you probably wouldn't even notice the change," Wilson said.

You'll need special glasses to protect your eyes if you want to see the eclipse.

"It's never safe to look at the sun anytime. You can permanently damage your eyes if you stare at the sun, even for a short time," Wilson said. "You need to have officially certified eclipse glasses to look directly at the sun."

The glasses cut out almost all of the sun that allows you to see the sun turning from a disk into a crescent.


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