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VA deputy, nurse exposed to dangerous opioid

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The nurse who treated a Stafford County Sheriff's Deputy, who was accidentally exposed to a dangerous opioid, ended up getting sick as well.

The opioid in question is fentanyl, which is extremely powerful that touching it can result in an overdose.

Deputy A.C. Wolford had been searching a van where two people were found unconscious. One person had a syringe sticking out of his or her arm.

One suspect was taken to Stafford Hospital, and Deputy Wolford followed her into the E.R. That's when a nurse spotted trouble. The deputy began to stagger, and his speech slurred.

However, as Deputy Wolford was being treated, the nurse became sick as well.

"For a number of hours, we had rooms we had to close down because we really didn't know what the room contamination was," said Cindy Hearrell, nurse manager.

Rooms at the hospital were thoroughly cleaned.

Meanwhile, at the crime scene, a newly trained sheriff's department team jumped into action to contain the danger of what they now suspected was fentanyl. While wearing protective suits and air tanks, they inspected the deputy's car, which has now been marked as a biohazard.

Afterward, the team and its equipment had to be decontaminated.

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