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Man breaks into home, takes off clothes, starts doing dishes


A man was arrested after allegedly breaking into a New Jersey home on Wednesday. He allegedly took off his clothes and tried to get into the shower with a woman, and then went into the kitchen and started doing the dishes, according to NBC New York.

A woman told NBC New York she was in a bedroom in her Hackensack, N.J. home, babysitting her baby nephew. Her sister ran into the room wearing only a towel. The sister fell to the ground, panicked, and said a stranger tried to get in the shower while she was showering.

The man, identified as James King, left the bathroom when the woman's sister threatened to call police.

However, he did not leave. When police arrived on the scene, they found him doing the dishes. According to the sisters, King told police he was the family's caretaker, but the sisters said they have never seen him before.

King was charged with burglary and lewdness. 

No one was injured. The sisters believe he broke in through a window, since they locked the doors.

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