RESTAURANT REPORT: Persistent roaches finally gone from diner

RESTAURANT REPORT: Persistent roaches finally gone from diner

(WWBT) - If you're a Richmonder, chances are you've eaten at 3rd Street Diner.  So have some persistent roaches.  At least that's what the health inspector found.  The reports show the diner had to have pest control come multiple times, but they finally got them.

3rd Street Diner at 218 East Main Street in Richmond had five priority violations, four priority foundation, and ten core violations on its June 7 inspection.  The report says the kitchen was dirty and in need of cleaning, which is attracting insects.  The inspector noted live roaches in the kitchen and fruit flies throughout the facility.

The inspector went back on June 15.  The report says the kitchen was still dirty, which is attracting insects.  The restaurant operator showed the inspector it was treated for pests on June 9, but the inspector wrote the problem was not fixed.

On June 26, the inspector noted all but two violations were fixed and cleaning had been done.  But the report says multiple roaches and fruit flies were still observed, despite that the diner again showed pest control had just been there June 23.

On July 5, the diner showed they were again treated for pests July 3.  On the report, the inspector noted improvement with a number of roaches, but still found some live ones.

Finally, on July 17, the inspector noted the restaurant was treated again July 7, and the pest control issue seems to have been addressed.

We stopped by to talk with the manager, but he was in a meeting.

"Would you like to leave me your card and I can talk with the general manager?" an employee asked us.

We left our card and asked that he call us.  We also left the owner a message by phone.  We haven't heard back yet.

We gave our NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Angela's Ristorante at 425 Ridge Road in Henrico for earning perfect scores on three health inspections in a row. Chef Michael and the crew have been serving up Italian cuisine for more than 30 years.

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