NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Shining City on the Hill

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Shining City on the Hill

By: Kym Grinnage email

This week, ChamberRVA hosted the annual "Richmond Business Council and City Leadership Reception."

It has been eye-opening and very refreshing to have been a part of the Business Council tour around the region, hearing from elected officials and business leaders how we can continue to make all of our jurisdictions great places to live and work.

My biggest takeaway from all of these dinner meetings is that we have a region that is laser-focused on the big issues of our times.

It is crystal clear that the City of Richmond is on fire! This is a GREAT city. Although there is still much to do to accomplish all of the goals, the leadership of the city is on target.

The City of Richmond was the last jurisdiction on the tour and it was refreshing to hear from the various elected officials and business leaders, who share the joint vision of wanting to: improve the Richmond Public School System, close the wealth gap, encourage business to grow, focus on work force development, attract more residents and millennials to the city, continue to work on mixed use and affordable housing, but most importantly work TOGETHER for the public good.

We sometimes forget that making a decision to be an elected official is not an easy one. This decision brings with it sacrifice, public scrutiny and many times not much gratitude.  But, the results of seeing goals set and accomplished are worth the sacrifice.

Thank you to all our elected officials and business leaders for saying yes to leadership.

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