Three Richmond sisters sell solar eclipse glasses for good cause

Three Richmond sisters sell solar eclipse glasses for good cause

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many people cannot wait to see the solar eclipse across America on Aug. 21.

However, before you look up at the sun, you must protect your eyes with special glasses. If you do not have a pair, do not worry.

A trio of Central Virginia superheroes are coming to the rescue. They're young. They're tough, and their futures are so bright that they have got to wear shades.

Not just any shades will work.

"Solar eclipse glasses," said Savannah Owen.

Meet the Solar Eclipse Girls. Captain Crater, Perfect Plasma, and Super Solar are actually sisters Emily, Abigail, and Savannah Owen. They are more than superheroes. They are business owners who are selling NASA approved solar eclipse glasses just in time for the big day.

"They're $2.50, and if you get more, they're a discount," said Savannah Owen.

The girls came up with the concept after talking with their dad.

"I learned about the eclipse probably a month and a half, two months ago, went to go get them some glasses, and said, 'Girls, you should probably just sell these glasses.' It's an opportunity here," said father Evan Owen.

"When he was getting glasses, he asked us if we wanted to sell them, kind of just joking, and then the joking turned into this," said Emily Owen.

These days, "this" is a growing business that is getting more popular by the day.

So far, the girls have sold about 400 glasses.

However, the Solar Eclipse Girls give you more than just glasses.

"We put all the glasses in there, and we have a packet of information in it and a thank you note from us in our little packets. So, it's very put together," said Emily Owen.

They even made a brief video explaining the safety of their product.

The Solar Eclipse Girls are all about protecting your eyes while seeing one of nature's most exciting splendors.

So, like most superheroes, you can say this trio is here to save the day.

"I can't wait to see it," said Emily Owen.

Part of the proceeds will benefit the family of 6-year-old, Sawyer Perkins, who is battling brain cancer.

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