Woman needs help with scooter repairs

Woman needs help with scooter repairs

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - When a Richmond woman's scooter stopped working, it was a huge blow to her quality of life. The scooter offered Gina Houchens her independence and the ability to do her daily chores.

She reached out to 12 On Your Side for help getting her scooter working again.

Life for Gina changed and it's depressing for her, not being able to do things that she once did on her own.  But, she remains hopeful someone will step up and repair her only form of transportation.

Gina walks with a cane and wears a knee brace on both her legs. She has many health issues from congestive heart failure to rheumatoid arthritis.

Just walking a short distance is a challenge, but she had no limits when she had her scooter.

"I try not to let the disease get to me. I control it.  I don't let it become me, but right now, it's just difficult. It's difficult for me to get around, and I need my scooter.  I've called so many places, so many health care places so I could see if I could get somebody out here to fix it. I looked on line for different places and nobody is willing to really fix it for me," she said.

Medicaid and Medicare paid for the scooter back in 2008. The company that provided it said on Monday, the changes in Medicare last year forced them out of the repair business. It says it had to let 28 people go and that shut down its entire power mobility unit.

"It's taking away a lot. It's taking away my independence. We just can't find anybody to fix it. I'm not asking for a replacement. I just want it fixed. That's all," said Gina.

Right now, she depends on family and knows she is blessed to have support but would love to do her own shopping and banking once again. Gina says,

"My husband is number one. A lot of times when I have to go to the bank, and you know, go food shopping, he'll take off of work or he'll go in late just to help me down. That needs to be done because I'm so used to doing it on my own."

If you are a mechanic and think you can diagnose the problem with Gina's scooter,  give us a call at 804-345-1212. If you have any suggestions to help Gina, we would like to hear from you also.

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