More Bang For Your Buck: Lidl to open in Central VA

More Bang For Your Buck: Lidl to open in Central VA

(WWBT) - Central Virginia's grocery store war will get much more interesting when Lidl opens its doors on Thursday, July 27.

German-based Lidl wants you to rethink grocery.

"We focus on three things. Quality, low prices, and efficiency," said Lidl spokesperson Jessica Haggard.

When you walk in, you will notice the fresh five specials. The items will be largely discounted.

Orange signs show you exactly how much you're saving. On opening day, there are a lot of them throughout the store.

Customers are smitten with the machine that slices any freshly baked loaf you buy.

There's no pyramid of produce. It is displayed using the shipping case, so the product does not get damaged and employees can use their time elsewhere. The store is broken into six aisles. It is set up so you can get 80 percent of what you need in the first aisle. Ninety percent of their products are private label.

"We have our own private label option. We have organic options, fair trade and organic certified. We have our basic private label option, and then we have the national favorite," said Haggard.

They are so sure of the quality that they offer the Lidl "Love It" guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, you can bring it back for a full refund and exchange it for another item.

"We're really focused on bringing the highest quality products possible at the lowest price," Haggard emphasized.

Lidl has themed week specials, think Greek, Italian or French, with deals on authentic European products.

"The breads, the cheeses, and obviously, the German beer that I'm able to buy here now," said customer Carl Gray.

They boast award winning products like:

"This bottle of prosecco won sparkling wine of the year. This was voted the number one face cream in Spain," said Haggard with a smile.

Lidl can offer these deals because they keep their overhead low.

"We bring in natural light. We have a recycled heating and cooling system for our products so efficiency equals low prices for our customers," said Haggard.

That includes bagging your own groceries. The non-food aisle is filled with Lidl surprises, an array of products at rock bottom prices.

"It's constantly rotating and once they're gone, they're gone forever," said Haggard.

The sales start Thursdays and Mondays of each week.

Lidl does not accept manufacturer coupons, but if you are looking for extra ways to save, you can sign up for their loyalty program at and download their app.

The four locations are:

  • Chester: 11701 Iron Bridge Road
  • North Chesterfield: 1311 Mall Drive
  • Richmond: 12151 W. Broad St.
  • Richmond: 5110 S. Laburnum Ave.

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