RESTAURANT REPORT: Dirty dishes left overnight

RESTAURANT REPORT: Dirty dishes left overnight

(WWBT) - A health inspector told one restaurant not to leave dirty dishes out overnight so they don't attract pests.  Another was told to replace numerous chipped plates.

Cheng Du Chinese Restaurant at 9503 West Broad Street in Henrico three priority and nine core violations, and ten were repeated from a previous inspection. The inspector noted telling them not to leave dirty utensils and dishes out overnight to help prevent pests.  The report also said an employee failed to wash their hands between cleaning the floor and doing dishes, and there were leaky faucets on the wok line and under the soda machine.  Five violations were corrected during the inspection.  When the inspector returned in three days, the leaks were fixed, but Cheng Du still had three priority violations, which were then fixed.

In Henrico, El Caporal at 1417 Eastridge Road had three priority violations.  The report said the cheese sauce was not being kept hot enough, numerous plates were chipped, and no sanitizer was being used in the sanitize basin.  All violations were corrected on the spot.

Fallout at 117 North 18th Street in Richmond wins this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award.

"We are a private club that caters specifically to the Goth, industrial, LGBTQ, alternative lifestyle crowd.  We're just a home for everyone that doesn't fit anywhere else," said Jackie Bishop Wells, co-owner and general manager.

Fallout has earned perfect scores on eight health inspections over the last four years.

"When the orders start to slow down late at night, my cooking staff spends it cleaning.  We're always prepared.  It's always nice and pretty sterile inside the kitchen," said Bishop Wells.

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