More Bang For Your Buck: Cash back app for gas

More Bang For Your Buck: Cash back app for gas

(WWBT) - Smart shoppers look for every possible way to save money, and cash back apps have certainly made it easier. Now there's one for gas purchases.

"I am part of a group called Sweet Water Grace," Kimberly Roberts said proudly.

Her upcycled and repurposed furniture can be seen in several stores across our area, "From Lazy Daisy in Williamsburg to Posh Couture On the avenue in Mechanicville."

She's constantly replenishing her stock, which means a lot of driving.

"My car holds 20 gallons, and I fill up about twice a week," said Roberts.

It's the same story for her husband. But now, they are earning cash back every time they get gas through the Upside app. The app shows you which stations qualify and the rebate you can earn.

"That one is giving 10 cents a gallon. This one is giving 13 cents a gallon," explained Roberts.

Tap the offer you want then you have four hours to buy your gas. When you're done, all you have to do is take a picture of the receipt and upload it.

"It took about 24 hours to get the money back, and I cashed out and put right in my PayPal," said Roberts.

On top of the gas rebate, some also have offers that knock a percentage of your in store purchases as well. Others may also offer an Upside credit.

"Upside credits are credits that can be used for non-gas purchases such as car washes, sodas," said Roberts.

If you have a particular store you shop at often, you can amass these credits to use inside. These expire twice a year in January and July.

"I'm going to get 11 cents back, plus 20 cents [from the] sign up bonus," said Roberts.

There's no minimum to cash out. Simply request to be paid and Upside will deposit the balance via PayPal or send you a check. You can also donate any earnings.

The Roberts weekly average is about $18 to $20 between convenience store credit and gas back.

Upside is only available in Virginia, Maryland and DC.

When you refer your friends, you both get an extra bonus. The code 9D6XU will get you an extra 20 cents per gallon on your first purchase.

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