Man accused of killing Special Agent goes to court

Man accused of killing Special Agent goes to court
Special Agent Michael T Walter (Source: Virginia State Police)
Special Agent Michael T Walter (Source: Virginia State Police)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Travis Ball, the man accused of shooting and killing Virginia Special Agent Mike Walter, sat in front of a judge on Thursday at John Marshall Courthouse.

Ball, who said he could not afford an attorney, will remain the client of Cary Bowen, who was appointed by a judge in June.

Ball's attorney, Richmond Commonwealth's attorney Michael Herring and Judge Beverly Snukals decided on the next hearing date, where a trial date, motions date and "speedy trial," will be discussed.

"In capital cases, it's not uncommon for the defendant to waive speedy trial to prepare his or her defense," Herring said. "That waiver wasn't made today, but we will see at the next hearing if they do make it."

Herring is investigating and may prepare a case to possibly pursue the death penalty.

"We have to prove either future danger to society or the circumstances of the crime are sufficiently vile, heinous, marked by torture in the like to warrant for eligibility of the death penalty," Herring said. "And then, of course, the jury never has to impose a death sentence. It's just something we have to get on the table."

Ball's family was in the courtroom Thursday too. Travis Ball's mother, her friend, Ball's sister-in-law and his pastor, Sharon Broaddus, were there to support him.

"This is a mom, so you know they are upset and concerned," Broaddus said.

Pastor Broaddus met with Ball. She says he is concerned, upset and apologetic about the situation.

"It's strenuous on them. It's hard for them," Broaddus said. "It's hard for everyone around, as well as the officer's family."

The next court day to possibly set the trial date and motions will be Tuesday, July 25 at 9 a.m.

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