RVA Parenting: How to Respond to '13 Reasons Why'

RVA Parenting: How to Respond to '13 Reasons Why'

By Christina Tucker, Richmond Moms Blog

As parents, we face many difficult moments with our kids.  Join us Monday, July 17th at 6:45 p.m. to learn more about how we can respond.

As the mother of young children, I did not think I needed to be concerned with the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" that is sweeping through the nation. I've seen the news flashes and local alerts from middle schools and high schools warning parents about the series that tells an intricate story of a girl who takes her own life in full living color, but I thought, "eh, we're not there yet." My oldest child is not yet 9.

That all changed when my child came home at the end of the school year asking questions about death, and then his teacher called and said there had been a game at the lunch table going on called "would you rather?"

One of the questions asked to this group of 8 and 9 year olds was, "would you rather die in a car accident or by suicide?"  WHAT?! Did my child even know that word? What did he say? Was he scared? Did he understand what that meant?  I was petrified.

The unfortunate reality is that we (and our children) live in a world of constant information overload and even if we think they would never talk about something like suicide at age 8, it just might happen.  The issue here is not stopping our children from asking hard questions or controlling what they do and don't see or hear. Those are deeply personal matters that each family makes personal choices about, but we can't control how or when or where someone else's influence will bring these topics into our children's world.

So, we as parents need to be armed with the best information, resources, real facts and practical communication tools to have these incredibly important discussions with our children in age appropriate and helpful ways.

Whether you have young children, tweens or teens, please join us for this educational series with Brandon Farbstein, Thriveworks Chesterfield and Beacon Tree Foundation on Monday, July 17th for a workshop that will leave you informed and ready to answer questions and engage a conversation of purpose and value with your child on these very hard topics.

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