Warning: Fake Science Museum call asking for credit card information

Warning: Fake Science Museum call asking for credit card information

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Glen Allen woman says she received a suspicious call from a person claiming to be from The Science Museum of Virginia.

Paula Barnes said she was going about her daily routine Tuesday morning when she got a call around 10:30 a.m. The caller ID said, "Science Museum of Virginia." Although Barnes doesn't typically pick up for numbers she doesn't know, she decided to pick up the phone.

"I looked at the ID, and it said science museum," Barnes said. "It was an 804 area code, and the three digits in front of it looked local, so I thought there must be some special promotion going on or something."

But she was taken aback by what the caller told her.

"They said 'we have important information about your credit card account,'" Barnes said. "My husband and I are not big on credit cards, so I knew something was going on."

Barnes immediately hung up the phone and called NBC12.

We did some investigating, and the Science Museum of Virginia says the call did not come from them. Courtney Moyer, the Director of Communications and Curiosity for the Science Museum of Virginia, said in a statement:

This is the only report the Museum has had of this type of activity, so it appears to be an isolated incident. It's a shame that someone would use the name of a trusted institution like the Science Museum of Virginia in this way. Unless you are engaged in a business transaction with the Museum, you should not receive a call requesting payment information. If someone receives a call that seems suspicious, hang up and call the Museum at 864-1400 to speak with a Guest Services Associate who can confirm the validity of the call.

The museum says if they were to call you, the caller ID would not say the Science Museum of Virginia. It would say Commonwealth of Virginia.

They also say there are instances where they would call for payment information. For example, if a member put down the wrong credit card information on their membership application or renewal, or if an event rental requested they pay by credit card. They will never call out of the blue and ask for money.

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