RVA Parenting: Active Moms & Awesome Babies - activities for week of July 10

RVA Parenting: Active Moms & Awesome Babies - activities for week of July 10

Blogger Sarah Wade has a list of weekly activities for moms who have children of a variety of ages. The purpose of her list is to encourage social interaction for children that stay home and moms that might feel home bound or are discouraged for various reasons to venture out on their own.

Active Moms & Awesome Babies: for RVA Parenting

The Week of July 10th

Activity of the Week: RVA Rocks!

If you have not been turned on to the RVA Rocks movement you are missing out! This is a free activity perfect for all ages, and it is a great excuse to get out and familiarize your self with our great city. The steps for participating in RVA rocks couldn't be easier; find your canvas; a clean smooth rock then let your kid's imagination run free! Acrylic paint works best, however my youngest used Crayola washable and it worked fine. After you have created your masterpiece you are all ready to hide and seek. Richmond and Midlothian parks have been gold mines for finding rocks, once you find a rock, then hide yours. This is not only a fun activity, it helps to teach children the importance of paying it forward, and also helps everyone to find joy in the little things.

Quick tips: there are some places that do not allow rock hiding such as; Lewis Ginter, National Parks, businesses, and private properties. Also, I encourage you to check out the RVA Rocks facebook page. That way you can keep up with where all the rocks are being hidden, and you might even see who has found your rock!

"Where comparison begins, contentment ends" ….

Early this spring I read these words and this mantra has stuck with me. It is our nature as humans to compare; this is especially true in the mom world, we are always comparing ourselves to other moms and we shouldn't be doing this. This act of comparing has become so second nature to most of us we don't even realize its happening. We compare all aspects of our lives to others, and most of the time they are not equal comparisons, and rarely render positive results.

So what is the solution, how can we find contentment?

My journey to contentment ….

First of all I want to start by saying this is a journey I am still on, and being realistic I will probably always have moments where I am unsure, or lacking in contentment, because I am human.

When I made the discovery that my comparing was having a negative impact on me, I started to wonder how I could change this. I made a few life changes that helped a little but I didn't feel an earth shattering change. Then one day when I was researching ways to get my oldest to stop sucking her thumb, I stumbled across a technique that I felt could help me with my problem.

Staying constantly aware ….

Just like my daughter and her thumb, I would compare unconsciously, I would do it during my everyday activities, at the park with the girls, grocery shopping, on play dates etc. Just as I need to make my daughter aware each time her thumb is in her mouth, I started making myself aware each time I had a thought that fell into the comparing, judging, or negative category. Once I started doing this I would analyze these thoughts and ask myself questions. Here is an example:

Comparative thought ….

It seems like a lot of people are taking couples vacations this year, I wish my husband and I could take a vacation this year.

My corrective thought ….

We have made the decision to take our children on a vacation instead, and this vacation will be an incredible memory for our girls.

These are small thoughts that we all have from time to time, but the question we need to ask ourselves is; are these comparisons consuming our thoughts. If the answer is yes, then self correction will be a great starting point to help you find more joy and contentment.

Have a great week moms!