RVA Parenting: Kings Dominion launches new interactive game app

DOSWELL, VA (WWBT) - Your summer plans with the kids may include a trip up the road to Kings Dominion. Well, this year, make sure your phones are fully charged in the park - it could keep the kids busy, while waiting in those longer lines.

The park launched a new interactive game to play.

"You download the Battle for Kings Dominion app," explained Emily Burrows, who works with Holovis Gamers, the developers. "Then you'll see signs around the park that say 'scan this with your phone now.' So, as you scan your marker in the right section of the app, that's what brings the game to life."

This is what the game might look like if you played on your phone, waiting in line at the roller coaster. It's developed by a team from the UK.

We caught up with them visiting the park to check on the game.

"People are loving it!" said Burrows. "I think the key thing people like is, being able to stand in cue line while they're waiting for the ride, is playing the game and bringing different elements of the cue to life, rather than just having to stand there and wait for the rides."

You can play by yourself or with your group, and you essentially join a team - each team named after one of the roller coasters. Each day, a winner is crowned.

"So, characters will jump out with the posters at them and they'll be firing back," said Burrows. "Trying to defeat them and get to the next level to earn more points."

The whole game is played within the park and on your phone. The park added free wi-fi, so you shouldn't have to worry about using up your data.

You will need the "Battle for Kings Dominion" app to play - which is free. You can download the game ahead of time, but you can only play it in the park.

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