How to clean up your online profile

How to clean up your online profile

(WWBT) - All sorts of posts on social media can sink your chances of getting a job or keep you from getting into your dream college.

More than 60 percent of employers now check out the social media profiles of job candidates, but so do college admissions officers, and even potential dates.

Fortunately it isn't tough to clean up your online profile.

  • Make a list of all of your social media accounts, and don't forget about old ones that are still active, even if you haven't updated them in years.
  • Sign out of all of those accounts, and see what they look like to the public. Are your profile and cover photos appropriate? Are any of your other photos or posts set to "public"?
  • Check and change settings.
  • Google your own name and "Facebook" to see if any posts you've made on other people's pages come up that you might want to delete. If you do spot embarrassing photos or posts on other people's pages, send a polite message and ask them to delete them.

Going forward, it's a good rule of thumb that if you wouldn't want your boss to see something, whether it's a party pic or a political rant, don't share it on social media. Save those conversations for off-line.

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