Beware of fake ransomware apps

Beware of fake ransomware apps

(WWBT) - Some apps that promise to protect your phone or computer from ransomware may actually be harmful.

McAfee researchers spotted some dangerous apps in the official Google Play store. Those apps claim to keep the users' device safe from "Wanna Cry Ransomware."

"Wanna Cry" was ransomware used in a huge attack in May that locked up data on computers in more than 150 countries. Now phony apps like the "Wanna Cry Ransomware protector" promise to keep your Android devices safe.

However, "Wanna Cry" only infected machines running Windows, so Android phones are safe from it anyway.

What that app and others like it will do is infect your phone with malware.

Always research the app developer and check not only user reviews, but also expert reviews you find online.

If you can't find any those, it's a bad sign.

Your best defense against those malware threats is to always download security operating system updates. Those often contain patches for the newest threats.

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