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Data shows 1.1 billion people had data stolen last year

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Would you be able to spot suspicious activity on one of your accounts or catch a hacker in action?

New data for Symantec finds that 1.1 billion people had their information stolen in data breaches last year. That's up from 560 million people the year before.

Also emerging as a booming new threat -- ransomware. That's where hackers lock up all of the files in your computer and threaten to wipe them all out if you don't pay their ransom by a certain deadline.

These hackers will make good on those threats. Sometimes even those who do pay don't get their files back.

While hackers are increasingly going after banks and big businesses, they're also using malicious emails to target victims.

According to Symantec's research, one in 131 emails sent last year was malicious.

Make sure you never click on a link or open an attachment you aren't absolutely sure is legit. And make sure you regularly back up your files to an external drive.

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