Websites, apps that pay you to take surveys

Websites, apps that pay you to take surveys

(WWBT) - If you're looking for a little extra cash this summer,  you are a smart phone app away or computer away from a few extra dollars. is one of the bigger survey sites.

Sign up and you'll start getting polls on any number of topics, which typically take between 15 and 20 minutes to answer.

For your time, you'll get points. You can than redeem them for gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more.

Another one, is called Pinecone Research. This pays, on average, about $3 per survey and you can take that payment in cash via PayPal or in the form of gift cards.

Paid Viewpoint is another one and its big selling point is that it turns around rewards in just 72 hours or less, which is quite a bit faster than other sites.

There are, however, plenty of imposter sites to watch out for, so be careful.

If you see a site offering amazing rewards, such as free phones or vacations just for filling out a survey, don't fall for it. They want your personal information and not for a good reason.

Taking surveys on legit sites isn't going to make you rich, but it will earn you maybe an extra $20 or $30 a week that you could put towards something like a family vacation.

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