Apps help you break bad phone habits

Apps help you break bad phone habits

(WWBT) - The average American checks their phone about 60 times a day. We spend four times every hour we're awake checking our phones.

Will power alone may not be enough to get us to stop looking at our phones.

Instead, and perhaps ironically, a little tech could help here. Apps like Moment or Break-Free help you set limits for screen time, or help us find a better balance.

Since most of us reach for our phones when we're bored, try coming up with a list of things you'd rather do 10 or 15 minutes to yourself, such as walking the dog, playing with your kids outside, or having a face to face conversation with someone.

It's especially important to unplug before bedtime. The blue wavelength light from your phone can actually interfere with your sleep.

Keep your phone away from your bedside table at night.

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