Businesses help you with customer service issues

Businesses help you with customer service issues

(WWBT) - Technology can outsource customer service issues for you, for a price. This may come in handy if you cannot take another 20 minutes on hold with a customer service provider.

For years, Get Human's website was a great way to find the right numbers to reach an actual living, breathing person at different companies, and the website will refund you if you are not happy with the result.

Another option is a company called Service. They will go to bat for you, and if they recover money for you, they will keep 30 percent of it as payment. If they do not get anywhere, you do not pay.

One other neat feature for travelers from Service is that it will track your flights. If they are delayed or canceled, Service automatically contacts the airline.

Time is money, so if hiring one of these services frees you up to work or spend some much-needed time with your family or friends, it's likely worth it.

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