Brat apologizes for controversial Instagram post

Brat apologizes for controversial Instagram post
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Congressman Dave Brat is apologizing for a post to his public Instagram account. It shows the 7th district representative posing with a constituent who is holding a sign that reads "Hillary for U.S. Ambassador to Libya."

After backlash, the post was removed and a post went up saying the Clinton reference was misinterpreted.

Congressman Brat says he didn't know the photo was posted to his public Instagram account and added, "if this can be interpreted in any way as negative in that way -- I apologize for that."

Brat says he has new staff members who didn't use good judgment. The republican says once he heard there was backlash, he had it taken down.

NBC12 asked Brat if the post bothered him at all, and he replied, "No, I thought the guy was just getting at the Benghazi injustice that everybody knows is a tragedy -- it had to do with all these tapes and stuff."

We pressed the representative, asking if he believes it's possible that the sign was insinuating Clinton be harmed.

"No, that's -- that's laughable, right?" Brat told NBC12.

Many social media users didn't think so. Clearly a reference to the 2012 attack on the former U.S. Embassy in Benghazi when four American's were killed -- Brat says he thinks it's referencing failed policy in Benghazi, rather than suggesting harm to Clinton. Still, he took responsibility for the post.

"The tone does start at the top, it's my responsibility to get it right," said Brat. "So, we're doing the best we can to have a rational, civil discourse. You saw me at all my town halls, I got yelled at for an hour-and-a-half and smiled and took every question -- that's the way I behave."

Congressman Brat says he will review ethics policies with the staffers he says posted the picture he posed for.

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