Renter says lights are needed outside of South Richmond apartment

Renter says lights are needed outside of South Richmond apartment

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman called NBC12 about the light fixtures outside her apartment that she says have never worked.

Margaret Anderson says she's worried for her safety when she comes home from work and its dark. She asked for our help getting the property manager's attention.

NBC12 talked with the property manager at Midlothian Village a second time a couple hours ago, and Cheyenne Williams tells us the whole complex is getting new light fixtures. Some have already been installed. Other buildings are on a waiting list. Unfortunately, that doesn't provide immediate relief for Margaret.

Margaret believes she's justifiably concerned and says she's been asking for lights in the outdoor hallway since she moved into Midlothian Village last October.

"People get hurt down here. People really get hurt down here," she said.

Her daughter provided video you can hardly see to demonstrate their safety concerns.  Both mother and daughter say they pull out their cell phones and use the flashlight feature. Otherwise, they can't see to open the door or anything else around them.

"It stresses me out. I don't want to live my life being fearful coming into where I live at. I just want to be able to stick my key in the door and my daughter to be safe," said Margaret.

She says property managers haven't come out to see for themselves. She doesn't think they're taking her seriously and says, "Every time I go down there, it's, 'Okay, we ordered it.' The first time, 'We ordered it.' The second time, 'We're waiting for a contractor.' I'm like, 'A contractor? Why you need a contractor to put a lightbulb? Then, the other time, 'We're working on a project.' "

NBC12 requested police crimes stats from Richmond police.  From June 1, 2016, to June 29, 2017, they logged 26 calls for service in the area, including seven calls for domestic trouble, four shootings, and random gunfire calls.

Midlothian Village management promised on Thursday to actually go visit the area outside Margaret's door where there are three light fixtures, but none seem to work and that frightens Margaret.

"I'm scared. Fearful. I'm looking here. I'm looking there to see if somebody is going to come. It's been plenty of times where they shot through this hallway right here," said Margaret.

The property manager says it's in the process of installing new lights throughout the complex. They've completed the top of the buildings and some first-floor units. They say it will be four to six weeks to receive light fixtures for the remaining buildings.

Management could not say when a repairman had gone out in response to Margaret's complaint, but she says it's not as simple as changing a lightbulb.

Management says it will follow up with the tenant.

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