RESTAURANT REPORT: Foods not cooled properly at Henrico restaurants

RESTAURANT REPORT: Foods not cooled properly at Henrico restaurants

(WWBT) - A couple of restaurants were written up on their health inspections for not cooling foods properly.  If foods are not cooled fast enough, bacteria can start to grow because it's sitting in the danger zone.

Takara at 9468 West Broad Street in Henrico had five priority violations and four priority foundation.  The inspector noted discussing cooling methods for broth with the staff.  The report also says cabbage for kimchi was being salted and left at room temperature for a day.  The inspector told employees to keep it in the fridge instead.  The report also shows pork and chicken were not kept hot enough, bean sprouts, sauces, and noodles were sitting out at room temperature, and a knife was dirty.  The manager wasn't there when we stopped by, but we spoke with him by phone.  He said violations were corrected while the inspector was still on site, which the report confirms.

In Henrico, China Wok at 11530 West Broad Street had four priority violations, plus three core violations.  The report says noodles were not being cooled fast enough to prevent bacteria growth, breaded chicken and eggs were not being kept cold enough, shredded cabbage was sitting at room temperature, and Alka-Seltzer and some pills were stored above the prep unit.  The inspector noted that three violations were corrected during the inspection but that overall the facility is clean and organized.  Its permit was renewed.

We gave the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Bogey's Sports Park at 1675 Ashland Road.  The outdoor sports park with a fast food restaurant that has aced four health inspections over the last four years.

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