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Catalytic converters stolen from several cars in Henrico

Email sent from Henrico police (Source: NBC12) Email sent from Henrico police (Source: NBC12)

Warnings are going out to people living in apartment complexes along Glenside Drive and off of Staples Mill Road after catalytic converters were stolen. Henrico Police say just for June, they're now investigating eight reports.

It's costing targeted drivers hundreds of dollars to replace the catalytic converters. It's an important device that helps the car run, but it also has platinum, and thieves can make a pretty good profit from selling it as scrap metal.

Tyler Payne lives in the Park West End apartments located in the 5300 block of Glenside Drive. Police say parked cars there were targeted, but he didn't know about the crime until NBC12 told him.

"Definitely, that would be something I'm now more concerned about," says Payne.

The 7000 block of Coachman Lane was also hit. This is the Carriage Hill apartments, which is a senior community. The rental office tells NBC12 they are aware of the crimes, and they say the property manager is getting a notice together to warn renters about it.

The 7100 block of Fernwood Street was also targeted. Police say apartment managers in the area have been notified.

A viewer says a notice was sent to the Old Bridge Apartments off of Hilliard Road - all of it an effort to make sure renters are paying attention and watching out for one another.

Police say keep a lookout for metallic sawing or cutting noise or anyone hanging around cars late at night. If you spot suspicious activity, call police at 501-5000.

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