Speeding car hits mailbox, Henrico woman with medical issues fears for her safety

Speeding car hits mailbox, Henrico woman with medical issues fears for her safety

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico woman is frustrated, saying that getting her mail safely and on time seems to be nearly impossible. She tried several options that failed before calling 12 On Your Side. Now investigator Eric Philips is helping her to get it all straightened out.

Ruth Petrov has a number of medical issues. She walks with a cane and takes medication that makes her feel dizzy and prone to falls. It's why going to her mailbox these days is a terrifying task.

"I fall in my house, I fell out here a couple weeks ago," Petrov said. "I'm afraid of getting hit by a car."

Afraid for good reason - recently, her mailbox was hit by a car that kept on going. It's why some time ago, Petrov moved her mailbox from the side of the road to the inside of the driveway at her Henrico home. All she had to do was walk down the driveway, almost to the end, and get her mail. The box faced her driveway so she didn't have to go into the street.

"And that was fine for a couple of months, and it was so much better for me," Petrov said.

But then she got a new mail carrier, and she says that driver refused to deliver her mail.

"He told me, I guess, that he wasn't going to deliver to my mailbox, because it wasn't located on the street," Petrov said.

That's when she opted to get a post office box, but after a number of months, she says it became difficult to get to the post office. So it was back to the same danger from which she'd fled.

"It's just precarious. I'm scared. I'm afraid I'm gonna fall," Petrov said.

Plus, she says she wasn't getting much of her mail. She says reached out to the post office without success. That's when she called 12 On Your Side.

On Your Side Investigator Eric Philips contacted the U.S. Postal Service. A staffer soon called Petrov directly and sent me an email saying there are special accommodations that can be made in some cases where moving a mailbox is necessary. But they require a doctor's note and the approval of the postmaster.

Also, after 12 On Your Side got involved, Petrov received a stack of mail, approximately nine pounds in weight, dating back to March.

For the time being, a neighbor will receive her mail and bring it to her. But Petrov says getting a medical note from her doctor won't be a problem.  She says she's willing to do whatever it takes to get her mail in a safe and timely manner.

"I'm just hoping I can get my good old mailbox back here and I can get my mail," Petrov said.

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