NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Father’s for Life!!

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Father’s for Life!!

By: Kym Grinnage email

The words I have loved hearing from my two girls for 29 years, and it never gets old, is "Thank you Daddy"!

Father's Day provides the opportunity for Dads, and men who have been like a dad to someone, to reflect on the role we have played in shaping someone's life.

One of the great things about being a father is that it never stops!! You are a father for life, whether you like it or not. And I like it! Whether you have girls or boys, there is something special about being loved unconditionally. It really feels great being the "head of the household". Well at least in your own minds.

Dads really have a very special responsibility, and that's to be a good listener, a good provider, a great parent and a good friend.

There are some men out there that might not have been the best of Dads and there are children who have felt that absence. My only advice to you is that if you are still breathing it is never ever too late to be a father.

Most everyone wants to be able to say, "I know who my father is". Even if you have nothing material to give, you can give your time and your ear. That is priceless.

And like me, many of you have lost your dad and we certainly want to honor them. So to all of the Dads past and present "Happy Father's Day!" and one more time, "Thank You Daddy!"

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