Richmond woman needs new door for trailer home

Richmond woman needs new door for trailer home

. - A Richmond woman issues a heartbreaking plea for a new front door for her trailer home.

The door that's there now is a rotting shell that barely hangs in place.  It provides no security. Danielle says she prays every night that she's protected from harm.

We need a custom door company to step up and make her home safe.

A door is more than an entrance way from the outside, and for Danielle, a new door would symbolize a step up and out of overwhelming problems.

"The door shakes even with the deadbolt lock engaged," she said.

The door is cracked all the way from the bottom to the top. It's beyond repair with gaps and missing parts.

"After we lock it up at night before we go to bed, we put this blanket over it. It gives me a feeling of security for one thing and it closes up that gap," she said.

It's not easy for Danielle because she has scoliosis and major issues with her spine that prevent her from holding up her head.  While Danielle was showing us the rotted out door, her sister reached through with her hand from the outside grabbing her sister's foot to demonstrate the seriousness of her plea and the fact that you can get inside without having to open the rotted door.

"I would be overjoyed with just a front door. It would be a dream come true. Just a front door. I'm not going to be greedy," Danielle said.

Her sister Sandra contacted NBC12 and helped Danielle find the courage to ask for help. She's proud and says she just wants to be safe in her home.

"It's a rough neighborhood, but it's my sweet home to me," Danielle said. "My mother bought this trailer for me, and I want to keep it until the day I die. I just need repairs done to it.  It would be a prayer answered by God if my door was fixed because I have prayed and prayed that God gives me a break -- that God would have some doors open for me because of everything breaking in the trailer."

If you own a custom door company and can help, call NBC12 at 345-1212.  We were able to get a contractor to go out and take measurements, and it's not your standard size door.  What we need now is a company to donate the door and install it.

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