Maymont reveals name for female otter

Maymont reveals name for female otter

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - On Monday, Maymont revealed the name for their female otter - Ella.

The name was favored by a large margin.

"Like their namesakes Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, we expect that Ella and Louis - the otters of Maymont - will entertain guests with their harmony and improvised performances for years to come," Maymont said on Facebook.

The two otters made their debut at Maymont's Nature Center on Tuesday, May 16.

"Both otters were found raiding crayfish farms in their home state of Louisiana, and local authorities categorized them as 'nuisances' to be removed from the wild," Maymont said.

The otters were being brought to Maymont with the help from state game and fisheries officials, as well as partner zoos and aquariums.

Admission to the Nature Center is $4 per person and free for Maymont members.


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