Company offers help to remove tree that fell on couple's yard

Company offers help to remove tree that fell on couple's yard

(WWBT) - A disabled couple called NBC12 for help removing a huge tree that fell in their front yard. Now, we're happy to report no more worries for Herbert Coleman and his wife.

Both had suffered strokes and had no way to remove the tree mess from their yard.  A professional tree service showed up the very next day after our story aired.  They cut down what was left of a fallen tree and hauled everything away.

The Colemans say they were expecting it would take a couple days and just maybe someone would offer help.  His problem was cleared up in a matter of hours.

To their surprise, Climbing High Tree Service showed up at Herbert's home around eight the next morning after we broadcast the family's inconvenient

"It just puts my nerves at relax mode. I have no tree. No nothing. Nothing to worry about out here," said Herbert. He was so appreciative he took pictures memorializing the tree professionals who heard his plea and helped him.

"When it first happened, I was just like, 'Oh Lord,' because I couldn't even come out this doors. I was like, 'Oh Lord, where are we going to get the money from?" said Herbert. "I just appreciate it, and I feel blessed for them coming to help me out."

Climbing High Tree Service worked to beat Wednesday morning's rain and moved quickly getting the job done in about an hour and a half. Owner Alex Williams says it was a decent size job but the disabled couple needed help and trees have been his work for 16 years.

"The other side could have fallen at any time with some wind but this one had already fallen so I guess the most dangerous part had taken place but it still was in danger of falling and knocking out power for everybody else," said Williams.

The two exchanged greetings a second time with both feeling good about what just took place answering a call for help.

"I guess I feel good," said Williams. "We got everything cleaned up, and God's always good, so a good feeling."

Something else that speaks to the contractor's character, when asked if he had anything else to add about why Climbing High Tree Service stepped up to help, Alex Williams pointed to his crew and said, "I appreciate the help of these guys".

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