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Petersburg candidates fined for improperly completing campaign finance reports

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Candidates running for office in Petersburg are facing financial consequences following improper reporting of campaign finances, NBC12 has learned.

Three of the four candidates in the Commissioner of Revenue race are coming under scrutiny for not properly disclosing their campaign finances. Some are accused of submitting blank forms.

Out of all of the positions up for election this month, only candidates in one race are having problems with campaign finance reporting. That's the race for the person who will ultimately assess the money you owe the city.

"Other than one other race, it has never been this bad before. This is the worst I have seen,” said Tammy Alexander with Petersburg’s Electoral Board.

She has spent countless hours reviewing campaign financing reports and found multiple violations.

Commissioner of Revenue candidate Kyle Dixon is accused of not informing the elections office where money from his campaign signs, t-shirts and professional graphics came from.

“You were fined $1,000. Were you aware of that?” NBC12 reporter Brent Solomon asked Dixon.

“No. $1,000 fine for not being correct? No sir, that's news to me,” he replied.

Dixon is not alone.

Larry Brown initially filed under the wrong candidate's race. He paid a $100 fine for that and will face an additional $1,000 fine if he doesn't quickly update his report with the fee he paid to run for office. On top of that, the elections office says, although he did list his campaign expenditures, he did not correctly cite where the money came from.

Brown said, "I am in the process of updating my report."

Atiba Muse is accused of listing a contribution from a previous campaign when he ran for the school board, instead of the current race he’s in. Election officials also want him to justify finances for his campaign signs placed across the city. He faces a $100 fine if it's not fixed by next week.

“I just received notice this evening, and I will take action, later on, tonight to make all the necessary amendments and corrections. It was truly a personal error. No malice intended,” Muse said.

"I'm going to go there and find out what's going on because we do everything right in my campaign sir,” Dixon added.

"These are the people asking to handle our money or asking to bill us, shouldn't they get their finance reporting forms correct?" Alexander said.

The elections office says Brittany Flowers is the only candidate in the Commissioner of Revenue race who didn’t have any problems with finance reporting.

The office held a non-mandatory orientation for candidates last month so they'll know the do's and don'ts. Brown and Muse did not attend.

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