Disabled couple needs help removing tree

Disabled couple needs help removing tree

(WWBT) - A disabled couple called for help removing a huge tree that fell in their front yard. The limbs are so big they cover most of the area from the walkway to the street.

Herbert Coleman and his wife, both stroke survivors, say they could use help from a professional tree service to haul away the tree and cut down what's left.

This could not have come at a worse time for a disabled couple living on limited income. The non-profit Project Homes had just installed new gutters on their house free of charge. When the tree fell, it damaged the gutters. On top of that, their home insurance company denied their claim.

Herbert Coleman believes lightning struck the tree six months ago and recent rains caused it to topple now.

He showed us where he says lightning struck. "Right here, it hit, and it split it in the middle. That's when the tree went that way. Six months later, this part came down."

He told his insurance company and says they didn't believe him.  While we were at his home, the insurance company happened to call with survey questions about its performance.

"I would give them a zero for their effort. They didn't do nothing," said Coleman.

Herbert says his wife got a relative and friends to take the tree off their house, but he says they don't have the funds to clean up their yard, cut down the rest of the tree, haul it away or repair what the fallen tree damaged.

"Brand new gutters. All the way around the house, and they won't even pay for the gutters," said Coleman. "They said it's $956 worth of damage, and I'm responsible for a thousand dollars."

Herbert says he still remembers the sound and said it was loud.

"I was in bed, and I heard a big boom. I look out my front door and the tree was blocking my whole front door," said Coleman.

Everything that's in his front yard was on his house. Now the debris is attracting bugs. It's unsafe and unsightly. The worst part he says is looking at it.

"Looking at it. Looking at it. Every day," said Coleman.

Herbert says Dominion has promised to take down tree limbs threatening its power lines. However, the family still needs help removing the rest, hauling away debris and repairing or replacing their gutters.

You can call NBC12 at 804-230-1212 if you own a tree service, or if you're a handyman and would like to help.

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