12 Investigates: Woman gets life insurance policy reinstated

12 Investigates: Woman gets life insurance policy reinstated

(WWBT) - A Richmond woman turned to 12 Investigators for help and got a surprise following our investigation.

Pauline Matthews says an insurance agent collected her premiums but did not pay the insurance company. In the end, her policy was terminated. That is not the case anymore.

Pauline is feeling terrific because several things happened following our report including the State Corporation Commission reaching out to Pauline and stepping up to investigate the insurance agent.

Pauline got her policy back with Trans America Premier Life Insurance almost right away after sitting down with NBC12 about the insurance agent she says came to her home, collecting premiums but failed to turn some of them into the company.

"The insurance company contacted me. They reinstated my policy and they told me I don't have to pay any money until July 1," Pauline said.

Before NBC12 got involved, Pauline received a letter from Trans America requesting more money -- $318 more to get her fiancee's insurance restored.  It didn't feel right Pauline says, but she says she couldn't get anyone to listen. She's now amazed by how quickly we got a resolution.

"They didn't tell me anything until Ms. Walker went there, and that's why I say I would never would have gotten it if it wasn't for Ms. Diane Walker and Channel 12," Pauline said.

We followed up on unanswered phone calls. Here's part of the exchange at the Chesterfield office of Trans America Premier Life Insurance company when 12 News showed up with a camera rolling to ask about Pauline Matthews' complaint.

Company employee Tom: I can appreciate why you called. I heard your message. It was delivered to me. Can we turn that off please?

Tom with Trans America Premier Life Insurance didn't speak on camera, but he did put us in touch with their media rep in Los Angeles, and days later, Pauline got resolution though she still feels the company itself should go after the agent.

"He should be arrested for what he did. It was fraud. He was taking my money pocketing it not turning it in on my policy," Pauline said.

The agent no longer works for Trans America. The Bureau of Insurance is investigating. They paid Pauline a visit and gathered information.

"It was a good visit. He told me he was going to investigate it and that he would see me through, and he told me when he finishes it, he was going to turn it over to the police. I never would [sic] have gotten it back if it wasn't for Diane Walker and Channel 12. They was [sic] on my side. They were on their job," Pauline said.

If you have a problem, the Bureau of Insurance suggests you make sure the company is licensed in Virginia and keep a written record of all communications with the agent and company.  If you can't resolve it yourself, you can call the SCC's toll-free number at 1-877-310-6560.

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