Search warrant: Driver observed scuffle, suspect holding gun to special agent's head

Search warrant: Driver observed scuffle, suspect holding gun to special agent's head
Court documents reveal that the driver observed a scuffle and saw Ball hold a gun to Walter's head.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A search warrant has revealed new information after a Virginia State Police special agent was shot and killed last week.

According to the documents, a detective interviewed the driver of the vehicle that Travis Ball was in when Special Agent Michael Walter was shot on May 26.

The document reveals that the driver "observed a scuffle between Ball and the special agent. (The driver) then noticed a gun in Ball's hand near the agent's head. (The driver) heard a gunshot and noticed the agent was down."

Virginia State Police also released more details from the night of the shooting. They say the Richmond police officer and Walter pulled in behind the Chevrolet Sedan the driver and suspect were sitting in and walked up to the car.

"The Richmond police officer and Special Agent Walter walked up to the vehicle in a consensual encounter and initiated a conversation with the driver. During the course of the conversation, the driver got out of the car first; then Ball (the passenger) stepped out of the car on the passenger side where Special Agent Walter was standing. A few minutes later, Ball shot Special Agent Walter."

"The officer that was killed last Friday, that really, really bothered me because he was here for us," said Mosby Tenant Council President Patricia Williford.

The documents reveal that Ball had identification listing a nearby apartment as his place of residence. The RRHA confirms that a woman who was staying at the address is now being evicted for allowing Ball to stay there.

"If you have guests that come out and visit you and they cause trouble in the community, you are responsible for that," said Williford.

RRHA says the woman came forward to let them know Ball had lived in her home. Williford says she didn't know Ball or the woman, but says the woman was Ball's girlfriend, and has children.

Ball is currently being held without bond.


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