Henrico neighbors: paving company botched jobs on driveways, ran off with cash

Henrico neighbors: paving company botched jobs on driveways, ran off with cash

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Some residents in Eastern Henrico are hot under the collar after they say a contractor did shoddy work on their driveways, then ran off with their money.

When an asphalt truck with AW Asphalt and Sealcoating came rolling through an East Henrico neighborhood, Freddie Crouch thought she'd been presented with a good deal to help out her daughter who owns a house - a freshly-paved driveway for $700.

"He was going through the neighborhood, saying he had done a parking lot and he had extra stuff, and he wanted to know if we were interested in doing the driveway, which was gravel, and so we decided we were going to do it," Crouch said.

The same crew stopped just down the street at Brenda Burton's 81-year-old mother's house. They cut a deal with her for $800.

"'I will do a good job,' 'believe in me,' 'it'll look nice,'" Burton said.

And they say it did at first...

"It looked good," Crouch said.

"It looked nice, it really did. It was nice and shiny and hard at first," Burton said.

But it didn't take long for that to change into what looks like gravel with grass growing through it.

"About a week later, it started breaking up, and so I called them and the lady said they'd get back with me, and that was in October," Crouch said.

She says she hasn't been able to get service since.

Same crumbling story at Burton's mother's home down the street. Then there are others around the corner.

The elderly woman who owns a home nearby did not want to go on camera, but she says she paid $3,500 and ended up with a crumbling mess. The crew gave her a receipt with "one-year warranty" written on it, but she hasn't been able to reach them, let alone enforce the warranty.

The same crew did another driveway just down the street.

"I've called them at least 20 times," Crouch said.

That's four driveways in this same neighborhood that's been serviced by AW Asphalt. Investigator Eric Philips tried calling the company so that they could give their side. He got a representative on the phone, but they hung up when he identified himself.

An address listed for the company is actually a box at a UPS Store in Yorktown, and although a website for the company claims it is fully licensed and insured, Eric Philips could not find a license for it listed with the State of Virginia.

"Everybody they've messed with, just about, is elderly," Crouch said.

Though Freddie Crouch vows to continue fighting for what she's owed, it'll be an uphill battle. She just hopes this saves someone else.

"I've learned my lesson," Crouch said.

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