On Your Side: Woman blames agent for insurance lapse

On Your Side: Woman blames agent for insurance lapse
The Transamerican rep did not want to speak on camera. (Source: NBC12)
The Transamerican rep did not want to speak on camera. (Source: NBC12)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman says an insurance agent collected premiums from her but failed to turn them all in to the company.

Pauline Matthews says the agent came to her home for two years collecting premiums. She considered him a friend - until she received a letter from "Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company" informing her that coverage had lapsed on her fiancee's life insurance policy for non-payment. Her fiancee is in a rehab center in D.C. right now following a bad fall.

"I'm going through a lot of stress," said Pauline. "I mean, what if my friend would have died up there, and I thought I had some insurance and didn't have nothing. He took the money. He pocketed the money. That's the only way I see it. The insurance company didn't receive it. I talked to him and said what happened? He can't tell me what happened. He's the one I paid it to. He's the one who came here collecting money. The one I paid it to. The one who gave me the receipts."

That agent no longer works for Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company. We don't know why, but NBC12 paid the company a visit on Wednesday.

Reporter Diane Walker: "I called yesterday and left a message."

Company Rep: "Are we being filmed?"

Reporter Diane Walker: "Yes."

Company Rep: "We are not going to be filmed. You're on private property here. We are not going to be filmed."

Reporter Diane Walker: "Will you talk to me off camera though about it?"

Company Rep: "No Ma'am. I've got a piece of paper here that will put you in touch with our public relations folks, and they certainly will speak with you."

The company's Public Affairs' statement says in part, they are researching Pauline's inquiry and are dedicated to resolving all customer inquiries and providing quality care to customers. It goes on to say, "we do not provide information regarding former employees but we can confirm he is not currently employed by Transamerica."

Emotionally, Pauline says she's gone from being crushed to angry. The missed months are December and January. She says the former agent came to her home and gave back some of the missing premium money. She also says the company sent out a different rep who took pictures of her receipts. She later received a letter from the company that says she must pay more to be reinstated.

Pauline says she should not have to pay more and adds, "No, because I proved to him that I paid him. Just take care of the business so that my insurance policy can be okay. He doesn't want to do that. He wants me to send another $318.00. I paid him, and the receipts show that I paid him. He was always speaking and joking and talking to me. I never expected nothing like this."

In addition to the company's internal investigation, the State Corporation Commission is also looking into Pauline's complaint now. The SCC says Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company is licensed in Virginia and in good standing. We will stay on top of this and let you know what happens.

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