RVA Parenting: Richmond goes wild for RVA Rocks

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you've spent any time in Richmond area parks recently, you may have noticed some unique artwork popping up around the area.

A Facebook group is growing in popularity. RVA Rocks has people painting rocks, searching for rocks, and hiding rocks.

It's a fun activity for all ages, but parents are really loving how the trend is getting kids outside and into nature.

It all started at a living room table. Jessica Laws saw the idea on Facebook in another area. Paint rocks, hide rocks and unite a community.

"Happy kids, happy families," said Laws, the founder. "I thought, you know? I want to do that!"

It's pretty simple. Paint rocks, take rocks, leave rocks.

It's about different things for different people. Some like the painting, others like the hunt.

"We've had a lot of remarks from parents saying you know, they're seeing things that they haven't seen before," said Laws. "So, it's really fun! And they're making memories! They're running and playing and overall just engaged with their families!"

More than that, Laws says the rocks are tying people emotionally, as well.

"It seems like all the rocks find them at the right time," said Laws. "We get testimonials all the time - I needed this today. It's just selfless kindness, and we love that."

And the folks who play along? Laws has given them a fitting name.

"They're rockstars, every single one of them! Because they're all working on this kindness project and making sure that others have a smile!"

And the art is impressive! Take a look at some of the rocks already hidden around RVA!

All ages and abilities participate. Sarah Bloom tried her hand - and yes, we are going to hide all these rocks!

Click the Facebook link for guidelines for how to paint the rocks.

And stand by- we're going to hide our rocks out there in RVA as well! Watch Sarah's Facebook page for details.

We'll keep this story updated with the details as well!

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