More Bang for your Buck: Saving Money at Publix

More Bang for your Buck: Saving Money at Publix

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We now know when the remaining Martin's stores will close -- but those 10 that were bought will become Publix.

Our Diva of Discounts did some research and drove down to North Carolina to show you why Publix is a saver's paradise.

Publix Savings blogger Cristina Morris says, "We get a lot of free stuff at Publix."

How? Step one is checking the information center for the green and purple flyers.

Spokesperson Kim Reynolds shows us, "So these are also coupons that are available to our customers to take advantage of, in addition to the savings you can find in our weekly circular."

These store coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Publix is known for its dozens of weekly BOGO sales - Buy One Get One Free.

Examples Cristina sites: "Dog food and cat food, frozen food, dairy items, meat goes BOGO."

Which is when Publix Savings expert Cristina Morris stocks up. Publix has digital coupons, but no loyalty card. You create an account online to clip those and use your phone number at checkout to redeem them. When the sales start over on Wednesday:

"At 7 o'clock, I'm at Publix and look for the unadvertised sales," Cristina laughs.

The coupons savings helper on their app matches any available coupon to their sales - nice if you aren't so good at finding those deals. Cristina raves about their store brands.

"We are often working with national brand manufacturers to make our private label products. Where the savings really is the advertising and the packaging," Kim explains.

The Publix Guarantee offers a refund on any purchase you're not happy with. A big draw is their pharmacy - they offer five different antibiotics and a handful of other maintenance drugs at no cost to their customers.

Kim has seen firsthand, "It has been a huge lifesaver for some families. We have families that will travel far distances just to go to Publix to get that free medication."

Always check with the pharmacy. They've got extra coupons for products we use all the time.

Cristina tells me why she loves shopping there: "Publix keeps it exciting for us. They always have really good sales, so you think this week is good, and the next week will be better."

If you have kids or pets, consider joining their Paws Club and Baby Club for extra coupons. Publix offers senior discounts, a generous rain check policy, and gas card deals. For all the details, you'll want to check out Cristina's site.

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