Two repairmen rescue woman from burning Northside home

Two repairmen rescue woman from burning Northside home

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two repair workers broke down the door of a burning house in the Northside, to rescue a 63-year-old woman who couldn't make it out herself.
The victim is now at the hospital, recovering. Her family tells NBC12, they're extremely grateful to the two men who didn't hesitate pull her from the flames.

"She was screaming for somebody. It was one of those situations where I had to either save her or let her die, because it was that situation," said Bryce Bell, who pulled over to the smoking house on the 2600 block of Norwood Court.

Bell, who's also an Army Reservist, and James Kragle spotted the smoke just after noon, Friday, as they rode past the house.
"Just a big white puff of smoke, coming up out of the house," described Kragle.

The pair immediately pulled over and ran to the home, while dialing 911. Bell kicked in the door to reach the woman pleading for help.

"Smoke was everywhere. The windows were already busted with flames coming out. Hearing that lady scream… you just have to jump into action," continued Kragle.

Kragle and Bell say the victim was badly burned and on the floor. They quickly carried her out. She was rushed to the hospital with burns. The woman's niece tells NBC12 words can't describe how grateful the family is to the men, who pushed danger aside to help someone whose life could have easily been taken.

"As long as I'm helping people, and being active in the community, that's all I could ask for," Bell said.

City officials say the house is condemned. Fire officials are still investigating on what caused the fire.

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