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Chesterfield woman: 'Roofer scammed me out of $4,200'

Genene Arnold says she was scammed out of more than $4,200. (Source: NBC12) Genene Arnold says she was scammed out of more than $4,200. (Source: NBC12)
(Source:  NBC12) (Source: NBC12)

An 82-year-old woman in Chesterfield called 12 On Your Side after she said a shoddy roofer conned her out of $4,200.

Genene Arnold says a man claiming to own a roofing company, offered to fix a leak two weeks ago. However, after Arnold paid the man, she says nothing was actually repaired.

Arnold says several men in two pickup trucks stopped by her home randomly, offering to clean her gutters for $20.

"Too good to be true, and it was too good to be true," said Arnold.

After she agreed, they soon told her one of the men’s feet had "gone through the roof." The alleged business owner offered to fix the damage and leak, and even gave her a contract with their business name.

Arnold paid the men with a personal check, but says the contract didn’t have an address, phone number, business license, or any fine print.

"They gave me that contract that's worth the paper it's on," continued Arnold.

The man who claimed to be the owner, whose name and business NBC12 is choosing not to name at this time, cashed the check that day.

The men did return the following day to finish the job. However, the next time it rained, Arnold says the roof leaked worse than before. She says she then realized the repairs weren’t made.

"Well I cried for a while, but you know, it's an expensive lesson to learn," said Arnold.

NBC12 contacted longtime Richmond-area roofer, Standard Roofing Company, which has operated in RVA for more than 40 years. Standard Roofing owner Mark Plummer offered to check out Arnold’s roof immediately. Plummer says no significant repairs were made, and the main hole was left gaping. No rotting wood, metal lining or insulation appeared to be changed out. Plummer says an area of shingles and a $4 pipe cover were put on the roof.

"Looks to me like he came up here, just tore out some shingles," said Plummer.

On the spot, Plummer generously offered to repair Arnold’s roof, free of charge. Plummer says if he did charge, the job would cost about $825. He says what Arnold paid to the alleged scammers, $4,200, could have bought an entirely new roof.

"We’re going to take care of you," Plummer said to Arnold, as he looked over the damaged roof. "I feel bad for people who get taken advantage of. So, we’re just going to offer our services for free."

Chesterfield Police are investigating. If they track down the men involved, they could face construction fraud charges. Arnold also filed a report with her bank.

Make sure you check out a roofer’s credentials before hiring them for work. Roofing companies should be licensed.

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