Law firm files suit to help Richmond woman get her SUV repaired

Law firm files suit to help Richmond woman get her SUV repaired

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman is now suing a police officer and the City for damages to her SUV after a police cruiser rear-ended her on Belt Boulevard.

Tykeisha Booker has been fighting to get her vehicle fixed for eight months, only to have the city tell her the claim was denied because she missed a deadline.

All her options are not exhausted. Tykeisha is well on her way to getting the money to have her vehicle repaired, and what really has her smiling is the legal work is being done at no charge.

Tykeisha tells why she's glad she called 12 On Your Side: "It worked. It worked. Flat out it worked. I came in. I gave you all the information, and you guys did exactly what you all said you were going to do. You investigated it. You guys got to the bottom of it."

The dispute over whether the City's insurance would repair her damaged Suburban after a police officer rear-ended her rested on a missed deadline. While the city did not dispute the personal injury claim involving the mother and her daughter, it said Tykeisha had six months after the crash to file notice and she missed the deadline.

Her attorney, Christina Pendleton and Associates Law firm, disagrees.

"First of all, they were aware that their driver was involved in an accident. Clearly they were aware of that. There was a police report made by the city. They were aware someone was injured. We put them on notice just weeks after the accident," said Attorney Damon Pendleton.

While the Pendleton law firm represented her in personal injury matters, it was communicated to her, Pendleton says, that she would have to pursue the property damage claim herself. After seeing our reports and the precarious situation she's in, the law firm stepped up to help.

"It's relatively simple to file the case - but relatively simple for an attorney - but just explaining to Ms. Booker how to get it done, she would have a much harder time doing it than we would. We just decided to go ahead and do it for her pro bono."

"Thank you, thank you so much Ms. Walker. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for the phone calls. Thank you for all the assistance, because without you, I don't think I would be smiling today. I don't think I would be happy," said Tykeisha.

Attorney Pendleton says the warrant in debt he filed on Tykeisha's behalf will probably take a couple months to go through General District court. He says if the city does not settle, he will represent her in court.

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