Senator Kaine says Senate will take closer look at healthcare bill

Senator Kaine says Senate will take closer look at healthcare bill

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia Senator and former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine toured the Richmond Marine Terminal Friday. We took the opportunity to ask him about the President's healthcare bill that passed the House

Chamber RVA took Senator Kaine on a tour of the Richmond Marine Terminal. As Kaine is about to start work on the budget, this visit was a chance for Kaine to see where money needs to be invested in infrastructure and staff to make sure the port is reaching it's economic potential.

We also asked him how the Senate will deal with President Trump's healthcare bill that just passed the House.

"This bill came through the House. They rushed it through before there was a score from the CBO about how many people would lose coverage, what would the effect be on the deficit, what would the effect be on premiums. They kind of just wanted to get it off their shoulders. But in the Senate, we're going to take it more seriously. We're going to wait until there's a CBO score," said Kaine

And regarding the case the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear Monday on President Trump's immigration ban, Kaine says the emphasis should be on a thorough vetting process, not discriminating against people based on the country they're from.

"Here's what I think," he told us. "We ought to have a working immigration system.  We ought to have one that's very cautious about security. But I don't think we need to stereotype people based on the country they come from."

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